Thursday, February 24, 2011

birthday and events.

things have been busy for me.  I dont want to bore you all so here is a quick recap..
It was my birthday a few weeks ago, school kept me quite busy with four tests that week.  I was able to spend some time with family and friends though, super grateful for everyone that made my day so special!
 We have been quite busy with events for SAB lately, here is Tara and I hanging out at one.  Stylish shirt huh (:  gotta add a cute creation!
 For Valentines Day we had a murder mystery dinner.  It was a fun filled night with clue characters, mystery, fun, delicious dinner, and a cute date (:  Tara and I snapped a picture in our masks.
 Last night we had our Alice in Wonderland "UnBirthday Party"  Val and I were Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (:  
Lately I feel like I have been learning a lot about myself.  I have been stuck into some situations where I have had to learn to deal with some tough choices.  I got chosen to work as a summer programmer in Pocatello this summer, I will be planning summer events for the students.  I am very excited for this job, but I have been adding more to my plate.   I have two classes that are coming to an end that will help me out to work this summer position.  Midterms are next week, I cant believe that its half over. I applied for my program, I am just waiting to hear back from them.  So lately things have been quite overwhelming for me, I came across it and I love it. 
have a great weekend (:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

random thoughts

this post is long needed.
school is a mess.  I didnt think I could be any busier than last semester but it is possible.
its nice to relieve my stress and thoughts through hair clips (:  
Classes are going well.  Here is a run down and my "thoughts"
1. cross sectional anatomy - I really enjoy this class because I get to read and study MRIs, Xrays and all the fun stuff I plan on doing the rest of my life.
2. radiographic physics - mixed emotions about this class.  lets just say that I am not particularly in love with learning this stuff.
3. medical electronics - I enjoy this class, but just imagine having a three hour lecture on math and physics combined.
4.  radiobiology - majority of the material is just a recap of into biology with a little emphasis on radiology
5. textiles - love this class!  tuesday we are learning how to knit and crochet.  I seriously cant wait!
6. family resource management - looove this class. 
7. meal management - this week we will start cooking.  I cant wait to bring home the recipes.  
This week I have four tests!  It will be all worth it when the weekend is here.  Mom and Dad are coming down Friday.  It will be nice to see them (:
Here is a mini recap of pictures during christmas break that I still havent been able to upload.
 Kim and Trent's wedding.
Tyson and Kolban came home, it was good to see them over break and play Bunko!
Bunko night brought back so many memories.  It was good to hang out with everyone again.
 Tara came down to IF for the day and we hit up the Bean. 
I moved into a new apartment over break.   I LOVEEEE my new place and my roommates.  
I dont think I have ever been so blessed to have these ladies a part of my life.
Jessica is student teaching, and she loves it.  I dont think there is ever a day where I dont hear about her students.  Candie, Jess's teacher she is under, had her girls over at my house last week and we made some hair clips.
This last week and coming two of my good friends are coming home!
James came in last week and Jay Dee will be in this week!  I cant wait to have my friends back here (:

And lastly, me. new trend, yup feathers.  I love them!  
enjoy your week.

Friday, January 7, 2011


break is coming to an end.  im dreading waking up for my 8o'clock classes; it will be horrible since i have slept past 10 every morning while on break.  i will post more when I get back to Pocatello and have free time.  It will be a crazy first week but I promise I will blog (: to wind down break mom is taking jess and I to utah this weekend.  hellooooo hobby lobby (: this week is crazy, just so you know how crazy it will be..
1. arrive to pocatello sunday and start unpacking in my new room (pictures to come)
2. start school and enjoy the new semester, I just know it is going to be great. (off subject, but today I got an email from my textile teacher saying how excited she is to meet me on tuesday.  i was pretty nervous this class would get cancelled because there is a whopping three of us in the class, hopefully more by tuesday)
3. get my new work schedule in line, still working my three jobs and added more hours to one, busy busy.
4. start baking with my new cupcake books i received for christmas, I cannot wait.
and last but not least 5.  start making clips for my give away!  You can get all the details here,  thanks again Holly you rock.
well good night for now, I cant wait to visit my blog in a week to share all the exciting adventures with you about my first week back (:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

whoa, its been awhile

 Wow!  It for sure has been too long since I have posted on here.  Where to even start.  I finished my semester last Tuesday night, I am so glad it is over.  Classes this semester were a challenge, learning how to open up to subjects that were not my taste.  This coming semester will be just as busy for me.  I finished all my pre-requs for my program so now I am working on 8 credits that I can take for my program, I am lucky that I can take these 8 either in the program or not, but they are set in my schedule as if I was.  I will also be taking 8 other credits that will work towards my minor.  Busy again working my three jobs, but hey its nice (:
Jess will be student teaching a 3rd grade at Washington Elementary, she will be headed back to Pocatello the first part of January to start when the kids start.  It is so nice to be home for the holidays, and take a break from school (:
Awhile ago Mom, Jess, Kristie and I went to Jackpot to watch a Rod Stewart impersonator, that was a blast. here are a few of the pictures.

It was fun to spend a weekend with the girls.  It was great to be home for Thanksgiving, we spend it with Aunt Jackie and her family.  Bridger is getting so big it is crazy!  Strep has been running in the family lately, Jess had it over thanksgiving break so that was no fun for her.  I returned back to school after break and ended up getting it again for the third time this year.  I have an appointment with a specialist after the new year begins to see what he says about all my strep ):
Our house will be busy during the holidays, we have a bunch of family that is planning on coming down to spend it with us.  Mom and Dad are very excited to share the home with everyone, this will be a first with us being in the new house. 
I started a new little business on the side during break.  I have started making custom hair clips and headbands, here are just a few so you can get an idea.

here is my blog as well,
I have opened my business up to Courtney to join in, all of the clips I have made are $3 for the holidays.  So if you need last minute gift ideas for girls these are a thought (:
You can contact me through comments or even through my email:
Hope you all have a fabulous holiday season.  Hope Santa treats you all well (:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

halloween and pictures

Things are super crazy (: but that only means closer to semester and break! whooo.
so this post will be super short, we are having a comedian coming tonight for SAB.
Last weekend Sissy, Court and I headed home so mom could take some pictures of us. here are a few, they turned out great! Thanks again mom.
Ill recap about my weekend later, just wanted to get these pictures posted.

This one is forever old, but mom still hasnt seen it yet! Jess and I were the Double Mint Twins for Halloween. We always get called twins so why not take advantage! Thanks again mom for helping with the work for these dresses. I think they look pretty close to the actual girls (:
Off to the comedian, Ill post later this week :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

oh my my.

Here is what Ive been up to before getting sick...
Jess made some cupcakes for her class that she helps out with. She got some cute supplies to add to the cupcakes, arent they stinking cute! Sorry this is side ways, taken off my phone. These were for the ambassadors for the meeting this week. Mom and I came across the gummy eyeballs at Michaels and just had to get them! Thanks to Kate for the liners, she got them in Washington after a Volleyball Match. My friends know me too well (:
These were for Kate and her team a last weekend when they played Weber. Thanks Mom for all the goodies to add to them and make them look ADORABLE!
I got a few things for fall cupcakes once halloween is over (:

Wednesday I was not feeling too well at all so I finally went to the doctor to get checked out. Did a few tests on me and I left with results of strep. My mom told me that its better to find out that I have strep than nothing at all so I can at least get some meds to help me. I am feeling a whole lot better! Hopefully these next 10 days go by fast because my medication is horrible tasting!
I cant wait for the fun weekend ahead. Its the annual Dad vs Daughters game. Thats right! Montana comes down this weekend to play ISU. Rumble in the Dome.. Guess we will see how it turns out, even though we have an idea ):
I will post pictures of all the halloween festivities as well and update on a few of the events we have put on around campus for SAB.
Get ready for some entertaining posts this week (:
Enjoy halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just keeps going.

So my blog challenge was a flop. I just dont have time to sit down every day and blog, nuts. So just back to the usual with me blogging when I get a chance. I will do a quick recap on what has been going on. Midterms were a few weeks ago, three I believe. It was super stressful with that, 5 tests in one week! woowwza.
the week following my ghost hunter came to campus. it was a good time having him here, i must admit I was freaked out while he was here, but now Im not so much of a scardy cat now (:
Jess and I were able to go home last weekend to spend some time with mom. Jess was home on Friday for Bronsons's wedding. Then we switched spots and she ended up in Poky. Dad was in Montana helping Grandpa with the new hunting trailer. I was able to see him for a few minutes over dinner. A huge thanks to Mom for helping me cut and gather up everything for Jess and my costume. (I will post all my halloween pictures sometime after Saturday) Thanks Kate for a great job on my hair. Its always good to go home for a weekend get-a-way (:
Courts family was in town on Friday, it is always good to see them.
Tonight for SAB is the Boo-tacular. We put on a halloween carnival for the little kids, hand out a million things and have a blast during the whole thing! I seriously love my job!
So things have been busy for me, but just means that much closer to semester (:
I will be ready for a break with it rolls around.
Class schedules are opened, I register in about a week and a half. Weird right.
I am all done with my prerecs for the program, whoooo. I will be taking some classes that are required for the program but I do not have to be in yet and working towards my minor. Its getting closer to my application date, getting more nervous every time I think about it. Things are kind of up in the air if I will apply to another place for a back up just incase I dont get in. Lets just hope I do because I dont need all that other stress added (:
But I got to run, it was so nice to blog again.
Hopefully I can be a little better and blog a little more.
Ill try (: