Thursday, February 24, 2011

birthday and events.

things have been busy for me.  I dont want to bore you all so here is a quick recap..
It was my birthday a few weeks ago, school kept me quite busy with four tests that week.  I was able to spend some time with family and friends though, super grateful for everyone that made my day so special!
 We have been quite busy with events for SAB lately, here is Tara and I hanging out at one.  Stylish shirt huh (:  gotta add a cute creation!
 For Valentines Day we had a murder mystery dinner.  It was a fun filled night with clue characters, mystery, fun, delicious dinner, and a cute date (:  Tara and I snapped a picture in our masks.
 Last night we had our Alice in Wonderland "UnBirthday Party"  Val and I were Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (:  
Lately I feel like I have been learning a lot about myself.  I have been stuck into some situations where I have had to learn to deal with some tough choices.  I got chosen to work as a summer programmer in Pocatello this summer, I will be planning summer events for the students.  I am very excited for this job, but I have been adding more to my plate.   I have two classes that are coming to an end that will help me out to work this summer position.  Midterms are next week, I cant believe that its half over. I applied for my program, I am just waiting to hear back from them.  So lately things have been quite overwhelming for me, I came across it and I love it. 
have a great weekend (:


  1. I love you Mand! That's awesome on your new job...How many jobs are you going to take on girl? You are such a hard worker! Will you stay living in poky for the summer?

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